Acceptto Integration and Security Services
Acceptto Integration and Security Services offers solutions to eliminate your enterprise vulnerability and prevent it from further exposure, permanently. Acceptto’s mission is to help our clients in government, healthcare, education and financial sectors to design, deploy and maintain sound information security programs consistent with industry best practices and relevant compliance mandates. Our solutions ensure the security of sensitive information in an ever-changing risk environment. We help your team to focus on the triad of information assurance, Confidentiality, Integrity and Information Security-Privacy.

Acceptto has been providing security and compliance assessments and audits to clients for nearly a decade. A team of highly experienced and certified professionals with strong backgrounds in security, compliance, and fundamental technology areas.

We help our clients establish both technical and non-technical security controls and practices to prevent, detect, correct, and minimize the risk of loss or damage to information resources, disruption of access to information resources, and unauthorized disclosure of information delivering objectives in four unique areas of:

◦ Security Assessments and audits
◦ Security Strategy Development
◦ Security Vetting Of Third Party Solution Offerings
◦ Security Integration

These objectives are achieved through the implementation of effective policies, standards, and procedures while ensuring state of the art measures are in place to protect privacy.

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