eGuardian® Premise Aware Security
Security and privacy breaches in Health, Financial, Education, and Public Sector are all very costly and more importantly have a significant impact on the brand equity of the organization.

Our context aware security solutions such as our Premise Aware Security take advantage of our Data Center and mobile location based to monitor and control access to corporate and customers sensitive data.

Dynamic security controls through contextual and behavioral attributes of endpoints enables the security layer to be cognitive and adaptive. Acceptto context engine enables policy orchestration to use space, time, device fingerprint, transaction risk score, and other contextual factors to deliver a risked based dynamic authentication. Location Based Access policies, Cognitive Authentication™, and Acceptto eGuardian ® Traffic Intelligence and Forensics analytics frameworks together delivers the highest level of security, integrity and privacy. This is achieved through our approach in unifying security management across endpoints, the network, and data itself. This capability enables large enterprises to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) across the globe protecting enterprise data from breaches that result from privileged account takeovers and lost/stolen devices. Whether the cause is negligence or a malicious attacks by syndicated crime, protecting data at rest or transit, Accetto’s contextual policy controls provides a new level of defense against cyber threat.

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