eGuardian® Biometric Advantage
We offer integrated biometric authentication solutions for all of your client’s or employee’s devices. With the convenience and ease of a picture of user’s face or the reading of a fingerprint, IRIS, users’ palm or voice, your user’s will be able to be quickly authenticated through our analytics and authentication technology. Acceptto’s state of the art technology adds information about your physical self into our contextual analytics engine, efficiently confirming the user’s identity prior to giving them access to your data.

Your user’s biometric information alone does not securely confirm their identity. But by combining it with Acceptto’s eGuardian® analytics and authentication technology, we can start the process of confirming their identity much faster and conveniently than requiring long complex passwords. Your user’s physical information combined with contextual data is quickly recorded and analyzed through eGuardian® and they are either granted or denied access efficiently without the possibility of false positives or security holes.

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